Your order process

Your order process

You choose your dream jewelry in the shop and buy it now :)

For every ring order I send you a ring gauge in advance, which you may keep, so that together we can determine your exact ring size.

You may still have individualized or changed your piece of jewellery

  • and write or call me to discuss everything.
  • I record everything in writing and write you your personal order
  • You will receive a link that only you can open and you can purchase your personal and only for you visible offer through the shop.

After receipt of your payment I will produce your personal unicum in 14-21 days or – if it is time-bound – also faster for you. I will be happy to arrange special dates with you in advance – as a rule I can prefer urgent projects.

I will keep you informed about the progress and you will receive an e-mail with the shipment number :)

And shortly thereafter you already carry your individual dream jewellery with you :)

Gift packaging of course included ;)