Pendant Silver Coordinates



Pendant Silver Coordinates

– always carry your coordinates with you

– Favorite beach, Home country, First kiss

– I make your unique piece

This beautiful coordinates pendant has a length of about 5 cm and consists of a 5×5 mm square silver block, which can be individually labeled on all four sides.

The coordinates of the home country are very popular if you live far away. Or the coordinates of your favourite island or holiday resort if you are tired of wanderlust. The coordinates of the first kiss are also a wonderful idea :)

Have a look at the fine coordinates of the ring:

Creation and materials of your coordinates pendant

I would be happy to produce your personal pendant with other surfaces, motifs or materials or in a different material thickness and/or width.

Each pendant will be made by me individually according to your order.

Feel free to contact me to fulfill your own design ideas – (almost) anything is possible :)

Feel free to contact me via the contact form or directly via


Silver 935

Manufacturing method:

Goldsmith’s craft:

Forging, soldering, punching

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