Bangle silver motive saying delicate




Bangle silver motive saying delicate

– customizable

– carry your mantra or your favourite saying with you at all times

– Your unique specimen

The bracelet is approx. 4 mm wide and has a material thickness of approx. 1.5 mm.

It is easily adjustable to the wrist.

Your slogan or mantra can be placed both outside and inside in the bracelet. The other side can be decorated with motifs or a delicate hammer stroke pattern. There are few limits to your imagination.

Further individual collections with personal texts can be found here:

Creation and materials of your individual delicate silver bracelet

I would also be happy to produce your personal bracelet with other surfaces, motifs or materials or in a different material thickness and/or width.

Each bracelet is made by me individually after order.

Feel free to contact me to fulfill your own design ideas – (almost) anything is possible :)

Feel free to contact me via the contact form or directly via


Silver 935

Manufacturing method:

Goldsmith’s craft:

Forging, soldering, punching

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