Bracelet silver nautical nylon bracelet




Bracelet silver nautical nylon bracelet

– Motif as desired

– sharks, dolphins, turtles, anchors, starfish, palm trees

– I would like to make your personal tape

The material thickness is approx. 1 mm, the diameters of the motifs between approx. 10 and 15 mm.

The size can be adjusted to the wrist with two sliding knots.

The bracelet is very light and delicate and can always be worn. So it will always remind you of the sea and the wonderful time there.

You can also find sea dreams here;

Creation and materials of your maritime silver bracelet

I would also be happy to produce your personal bracelet with other surfaces, motifs or materials or in a different material thickness and/or width.

Each bracelet is individually made by me according to your order.

Feel free to contact me to fulfill your own design ideas – (almost) anything is possible :)

Feel free to contact me via the contact form or directly via


Silver 935

Nylon tape – colour as desired

Manufacturing method:

Goldsmith’s craft:

Forging, soldering, punching

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